June Shows!

Hello! I will be in 2 shows, running concurrently, this month! If you're in the LA area, come check them out! Here's the info:

1. The Tempest - Hollywood Fringe. This is an ALL FEMALE, 60 minute version of The Tempest presented through the Hollywood Fringe Festival. All shows are at Studio/Stage in LA and showtimes are: June 14th @ 8:30pm, June 18th @ 7:30pm, June 22nd @ 10pm, and June 24th @ 1:20pm. Tix are $15! More info here: http://www.sayyescollective.com/tickets

2. The Solve It Squad Returns! This is an original one-act play by the comedy trio The Tin Can Brothers, running at The Secret Rose Theatre in North Hollywood. Akin to a fun, adult-style Scooby Doo thing. You'll love it! Runs June 15th-18th and June 22nd-25th. More info here: https://www.tincanbros.com/#live-section

Would love to see you at one/both of these awesome shows! xo